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Kapampangan Inspiration..


Welcome To CRUISELINK-- An Authentic  Philippine Island Cuisine serving cruise crews and locals since 2005. We are an exotic buffet all-you-can-eat for only $10. Discover our  themes and hospitality trait that Pinoys' are known for.

CRUISELINK @ 145 E. Flagler Suite A13 Miami, Florida 33131. Opens Everyday 9:30am-3pm, except Tues & Weds. Contact Phones: Lisa (786) 3128067 or Connie (786) 2783135. Email address: .We only accept Cash.

Photo @ the right:  The Miami Herald issue July 24, 2008. Actual Front Page News Article, Photo and styling by Linda Bladholm/For The Herald. Click photo for larger image.


Proud to be Filipino equals Root and Inspiration..

Combining fresh, high quality ingredients, homestyle expertise, and dedication makes it worthwhile to keep coming back to Cruiselink. Discover the secret of Filipino dishes and be inspired sharing with your family and friends.

Due to popular request we are currently adding pages to share our kitchen secrets..yes! a step-by-step recipe of what we serve. Check back soon..


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Directions: From Bayside to  Cruiselink (Estimated time: 2mins, Total Estimated Distance: less than 1 mile)

  • Start out going NW on Biscayne Blvd toward Port Blvd. Stay 0.1 mile
  • Turn Left onto 6th st. Stay 0.1 mile
  • Turn Left onto NE 2nd ave/ Abel Holtz Blvd. Stay 0.4 mile
  • Turn Right onto E Flagler St. Stay 0.1 mile
  • End at 777 International Mall (145 E Flagler Miami, Fl 33131-1112)

Check Below for Mapquest Map. Click for larger image.

Quick Peek at Cruiselink's Sample Daily Menu: Served as Buffet $10/person

Mouth-Watering Island Cuisine at its best:

  • Adobo (Pork or Chicken in soy sauce , vinegar, peppercorn and garlic)
  • Sinigang (Beef or Pork in sour tamarind soup base with leafy vegetables)
  • Kare-kare (Beef or stripes in thick, rich peanut sauce with vegetables. Bagoong Shrimp paste: optional)
  • Nilaga (Soupy beef with scallions and vegetables.)
  • Dinuguan (Meat in pork blood base, vinegar and peppercorns)
  • Ginataang Gulay (Squash, green beans in coconut milk base with ginger)
  • Ginisang Ampalaya (Bittermelon sauteed in onion, garlic, shrimp paste or fish sauce and beaten egg)
  • Ginisang Monggo (Mung beans with chicken or pork and bittermelon, spinach as substitute)
  • Pinakbet (Philippine native veggies mixed, cooked with anchovy/shrimp sauce)
  • Pritong Isda ( Fried Fish includes head)
  • Paksiw (Fish in vinegar, fish sauce/salt, ginger, garlic, eggplant and bittermelon)
  • Longganisa (sausage style, sweet and spicy)
  • Menudo (Pork cubes with pork liver, tomatoe base, soy sauce, peppers, and vegetables)
  • Sarciado (Fish with tomatoe base, ginger and beaten egg)
  • Binagoongan (Pork with Shrimp paste and spices)
  • Kaldereta (Beef with tomatoe base, spices, cheese, and vegetables)
  • Papaitan/Igado ( Pork in vinaigrette base, fish sauce, ginger and spices)
  • Sisig (great appetizer; ask the chef)

We welcome any suggestions, comments or testimonials. Please drop a note at our email address and we'll be back with you.